Make your conference a global event


Our portable production unit will put your event on the world stage. We film with up to eight cameras in full HD and stream live across the world. We can cut to a live PowerPoint feed, play video inserts, record to a Solid State Hard Drive and also record individual cameras.


The streaming production system allows conference viewers to participate in a live event. They can pose questions or make comments and these are sent via a moderator to the presenter or panel.

"Wildside Productions took our brief and produced two innovative and creative videos which we feel really portray the adventure and excitement of our polar expedition cruises"



Multi-camera Portable Production Unit‚Äč



You may stream to a public platform, such as YouTube or Facebook Live, or we can set up a private bespoke microsite that only invited guests can access.


Based around a compact unit that contains a 10 channel Blackmagic 4K 1M/E vision mixer, the system includes talkback, camera tally lights, common time code and reference feeds. 


The light weight unit and associated equipment packs away into a small number of cases, which means it is easily transportable and may be flown as regular luggage.


Choose from a wide range of cameras, priced according to your requirements.


A fully integrated sound system is included within the portable production unit. 


Should you ever have a question, please dont hesitate to send a message or reach out on our social media.



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We can also supply on or off-camera Autocue.

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